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Database Update Pilot Tools

DUP is a database configuration management and deployment tool for database application developers. You use DUP Designer to create a DUP file. You distribute the file to your customer, who processes it on his database with the DUP Processor.

The DUP file replaces database script files, and adds version control and robust error handling to your database updating routines.

The DUP processor checks current version number before processing the file, and updates the version number at the end of processing. Version check/update chains files together in the order you decide, making it impossible to process them in a different order.

DUP logs all events and saves errors messages into the DUP file. When your customer returns the file, you can inspect the error messages to see what went wrong.

In short:
  • DUP gives your customers fully automated database update routines
  • After deployment is the human error risk practically eliminated 
  • No database knowledge is required to process DUP files
  • DUP gives you - the database developer - maximum control: If you know
    a customer's database version, you know exactly the database structure

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